Stimulating Discussions across Time and Space:

BBBWelcome! The Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum invites you to be part of the CONVERSATION. The Dittrick is a FREE institution housing over 150,000 artifacts that supports and honors interdisciplinary diversity.  Beginning each year in the fall, a new series of “Conversations” will be open to an inquiring public.
Fall/Spring 2016-2017 line up
Fall/Spring 2015-2016 line up

(FOR Lectures and other DITTRICK EVENTS, see the main page or FB!)

What: A brief 15 minute presentation by Dittrick Public Engagement Fellow Brandy Schillace, followed by a dialog with an expert discussant. Questions are encouraged, and each session will conclude with a period of open public discussion. What laid the groundwork for anatomy instruction? How did we get from Sherlock to CSI? When did birth become “hospitalized”? What were the ramifications of the Comstock Acts (making birth control illegal in the US)? And, more importantly, how do these fascinating histories continue to change our world and shape our experiences?
Space is limited! REGISTER TO ATTEND!

Co-Sponsored by the Cleveland Medical Library Association

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Conversations (c) Brandy Schillace, 2015


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